It’s time to bust a popular myth among women. Building muscle isn’t about getting big. It’s about getting smaller!

When you build muscle, you actually make it easier for your body to burn fat. As the bulky fat shrinks and the muscle grows, soon your arms, legs, and stomach becomes tighter, more toned, more shapely, and much more sexy!.

In Body-for-LIFE for Women, you’ll discover easy exercises designed for a woman’s body. You’ll burn away fat… build shapely muscle… get TONS more energy… increase your confidence… and look absolutely incredible – in as little as 12 short weeks!!

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Smile as your friends say “You look amazing!” Everyone around you will watch in wonder as you shrink away fat and build shapely, youthful muscle – in just a matter of 12 weeks! PAGE 131 explains.

Walk your way to a smaller you! Walking is a tremendously effective – and remarkably easy – way to lose weight. Follow this advice to make it more fun than ever before! See PAGE 130.

Feel younger than you’ve felt in years! Try these activities – they’ll leave you feeling stronger, more energetic, and more flexible than you’ve felt in years! Best of all, you can do them right in your own home! See PAGE 134.

Treat yourself to a sexy new bikini! These exercises will help you build tight, toned, shapely muscle as you burn away large bulky fat! Other women did it, so can you! See PAGE 139.