If you’ve ever struggled through a diet (and who among us hasn’t?) you know the truth. You stay on the diet for a while, maybe “shed” a few pounds, but then you get hungry…or sidetracked…or both. Then you gain all the weight back and feel worse than ever.

In Body-for-LIFE for Women, you’ll rediscover healthy, great-tasting foods. You’ll shift your focus on nourishing your body and away from eating for stress-relief. You’ll stay in control, eat delicious meals and snacks, and you will not go hungry again!

And best of all, you don’t have to be perfect. (Who among us is?) With Body-for-LIFE for Women, a little “cheating” is encouraged! If you really have to have that piece of chocolate cake for your birthday, go ahead! Enjoy every mouthwatering bite. Then come right back to the program – happier and stronger than ever before!

Get started now to discover how to:

Burn body fat and build shapely muscle! The key is eating the right balance of carbs and protein! See PAGE 88 of Body-for-LIFE For Women.
Shed fat without sacrifice! No difficult diets, no counting calories. It’s easy! Just follow these three easy tricks to cut calories almost effortlessly! See PAGE 102.

Give yourself more positive energy! If you’re cutting carbs, your diet could be making you tired and even depressed! Because, especially as a woman, your body needs carbs to function properly! See PAGE 88 to discover the RIGHT way to eat for optimum health and energy!

Use your stress to make yourself healthier and stronger! Starting today, stress will no longer drive you to eat. Instead, you’ll harness the stress in your life to improve yourself! Make yourself healthier and stronger! See PAGE 94.

Remove weight by eating MORE! The secret is to eat MORE… often! You won’t be as hungry, so you’ll have more control over what you do eat! See PAGE 103 for this breakthrough advice.

Cheat Without Guilt! Enjoy a chocolate bar… ice cream… or a cookie! Discover the Body-For-Life “Mini-Chills”—a chance for you to splurge a bit on your favorite foods without gaining weight or feeling guilty. PAGE 121 explains.