You are stronger than you know. When you set your mind to a goal, there is NOTHING that can stop you.

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Because true, lasting change comes from within, you’ll take the time to examine what truly motivates you… what sidetracks you… and what makes you happy. You’ll discover how to turn obstacles into opportunities to gain strength… how to deal with stress more effectively… and how to fill your life with joy!

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Remove weight – no matter what!

Discover the Rule of Reverse Expectations – and turn every obstacle in your path as a way to strengthen yourself!

See PAGE 60 of Body-for-LIFE For Women.

Inspire and empower yourself—into your sexiest swimsuit! This 3-step process helps you find the source of your inner motivation and help you remove weight and keep it off for good! PAGE 62 explains.

Don’t listen to those who say “You can’t do it!”

Instead, use this powerful self-confidence building tool. You’ll gain self-confidence and positive energy! See PAGE 72.

Keep stress from going to your tummy!

Send yourself a message – the solution to your problems is not in the refrigerator! See PAGE 78 for helpful tools you can use right away.

Build your own weight-loss support group!

Get your own “estrogen squad” – women who will support you and help you stay positive and focused toward your goal. See PAGE 85 for directions.