Guilt-Free Cheat Days: How To Have Cheat Meals And Still Lose Weight

To the majority of us, the word diet means all fattening, high-calorie foods are forbidden, and for the most part, that’s true. You can’t have your cake, and eat it, too. However, there are some ways for you to treat yourself to your favorite fatty foods, without throwing all your hard work down the drain.

If you want to know more about how to have cheat meals and still lose weight, keep on reading!  

Cheat Meals And Still Lose Weight

Can Cheat Days Be Beneficial To Your Diet?

The mere idea of a cheat day helping your diet sounds crazy, right? However, there are a few benefits to it that might take you by surprise.

Take a look:

1. It Could Help You Stick To Your Diet

Here’s the thing:

Most of us think of a diet as an all or nothing type of deal. You know it’s true. So, when we’re given the opportunity to indulge in a “forbidden” food as a part of our diet, you stop thinking about it as something you can’t have – and it stops being so tempting.

You’ll know you can have your cheat meal on, let’s say, Saturday, so you’ll be motivated to stick to your diet and stave off temptation the rest of the time.

2. It Will Give Your Metabolism A Boost

Everyone knows that a fast metabolism equals more weight loss. But what are you supposed to do when your metabolism slows down after you’ve been on a diet for quite some time now?

Well, have a cheat day, of course!

A cheat meal will trick your body into upping your leptin (the famous hunger hormone) levels, and, in turn, boosting your metabolism.

How To Cheat On Your Diet – The Right Way

Saying that there’s a right or wrong way to cheat on your diet doesn’t make much sense, does it? Shouldn’t a cheat day, in general, be considered a bad thing?

Well, it depends on how you approach the entire thing. Of course, you shouldn’t straight up pig out on everything you’ve been craving for the past couple of days. That said, here’s how to have cheat meals and still lose weight:

1. Plan Your Cheat Days

Let’s start with one of the best advice anyone could ever give you when it comes to cheating on a diet – plan everything.

There are two significant reasons why this works like a charm. First off, it will give you a sense of control – you won’t feel like you’re making up for everything that’s otherwise forbidden, so there’s less chance of going overboard. Pick your poison, as they say.

Furthermore, planning a cheat day allows you to prepare for it by cutting a few calories earlier in the day. It’s all about budgeting your calories!

2. Hit The Gym Before You Hit Feast-Mode

Concerning the previous advice I gave you, I’d like to add one more thing:

If you already know you have a cheat day coming up, squeeze a quick workout session before you dig in – even 20 minutes in your favorite shoes for wide feet, for example, will make a difference in how you’ll feel about the whole thing.

Just because you’re having a cheat day, doesn’t mean it has to turn into a full-blown lazy day.

3. Make Sure It’s Still Real Food

What do I mean by “real” food?

Well, more often than not, people tend to overindulge in junk food and processed foods, which does nothing for their bodies. The “right” way to go about this is to pick food that still has nutritional value.

If you already have that cheat – or treat – meal, embrace the fats, proteins, and carbs, and don’t waste calories on processed ingredients you can’t even pronounce.

Final Thoughts On Cheat Days And Diets

So, there you have it – 3 essential tips on how to have cheat meals and still lose weight. Everything you’ve just read pretty much comes down to one thing:

It’s okay – even beneficial – to have a cheat day, as long as you make sure it doesn’t turn into abandoning your entire diet. As I said, a slip shouldn’t end up being a backslide.

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What do you think about having cheat days? Are you a fan of treating yourself, or are you better off without them? Let me know in the comments below!